Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome Back Teacher !

Hello My Lovely Teacher

Leong, Leong, Leeooong.. ohhhh Leeonngggg, ohh Leooongggg, Leong ?

Guess who?

Hey Miss Leong is my teacher laa.. since i was in standard 5. I want to tell you something. We just continued our tuition this afternoon after 1 month holiday. Yahooo! * excited gilaa but but hmm i'm so lazy to attend the tuition. Just now i learnt Form 2 English . Nana learnt English too but it was standard 5 syllabus.

* of course lah takkan nak buat BI form 2 pulak.

Ok ok at the same time, awam who has just sunat also joined our tuition. Hehehe sunat sunat pun kena tuition jugak xD

Dia sunat Selasa lps kalau tk silap.*pelupa btul aku ni

Hmm now i need to focus on my studies lahh cause i am promoted to 2 Kualiti -,-

Susah laa nak lawan diorang, hmm takpa takpa i will study hard hard hard.* cakap je lebih ;p Dah dah mmg boring kena belajar. Eh tak boleh tak boleh, kalau tak mcm mana nak berjaya, right? Oklah thats all for today. Daa Daaa..

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